Advent 2 – On the road to repentance

December 6, 2020




When the heart is moving in readiness, there is an openness to the “new” — perhaps the fresh thing God wants to do. To embrace the new requires a letting go of the past. Repentance means we are letting go and making space for God’s new work in us.

The Isaiah passages is right in the middle of a long story. The first part of the story is about God’s people who were taken captive by Babylon because they did not place their trust in God alone. They had lost their way.

Isaiah 40 brings comfort from God and the promise of a highway that would lead the way through the harsh desert. It’s a highway to God.

God is like a shepherd who tenderly carries the lambs, carries them to repentance. To come to truly celebrate Jesus coming for us.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 40:1 - 11
  • Mark 1:1 - 8

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