Advent 2 – Waiting and Wondering

December 8, 2019



We ask, What are you waiting for, O God? God hears our cries and calls to us in return with words of hope. Ca we hear God’s invitation? God calls us to repent, pay attention, and embrace the Lord’s vision for a new creation.

We are often an impatient people. We are ready for the conflicts to end, the divides to be healed but we feel helpless to make it all happen. We want someone to come in and fix it. However, shalom comes from God alone. Governments, institutions, people do not make it happen. God does marvelous things. Justice and righteousness comes from God alone.

So we are called to prayer, to live with compassion, to wait to see it all through. While we wait, we hold each other up, we believe in shalom, wait for God to come change us.

Bible References

  • Psalm 72:1 - 19
  • Romans 15:4 - 13

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