Advent 3 – Kept Waiting by Fear

December 15, 2019


O Lord, what am I waiting for? Why am I afraid? I see my need for your strength in my weakness and my need to be filled with your courage in the midst of all my fears. I long for an awakening, for a renewed trust, and for patience in the coming of the Lord.

In this advent season, we face our fears. God wants to turning our waiting fear into a trustful fear for God’s presence for courage. We are invited to see God at work and believe. Find the places where sight is being restored, health is renewed, the poor receive good news. Know that God is here.

We wait in trustful fear of our Savior God.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 35:1 - 10
  • Matthew 11:2 - 11
  • James 5:7 - 10

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