Being Real with God

May 3, 2020


Today’s Psalm expresses some harshness about life. It’s a Psalm of lament and a cry for help. It doesn’t hold back but states how bad life is. It’s okay to express this to God. It’s important we express our anger, frustration, and fear into God’s presence, especially as we experience the pandemic consequences of our day. We are to express the good, the bad and the ugly with God. We won’t be happy all of the time.

Jesus was able to express his anger and yet he still remembered that he was still called to act in love.

At the end of the day, we are surrounded by God’s love and affirmation. We are created and loved by God, no matter what.

Bible References

  • Psalm 8:1 - 9
  • Psalm 22:1 - 15

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