Christ Jesus Our Hope

January 19, 2020


Anabaptist World Fellowship Sunday

Even in the midst of deep troubles, we come together from around the world to follow Jesus, who gives us hope.

Today we celebrate our worldwide community of Anabaptist Christians. But we also celebrate our God of all healing and hope. Jesus offers the healing and hope for our lives. We must go to Jesus and accept salvation and wholeness for our lives. Jeremiah holds hope even in the midst of Jerusalem’s destruction and the loss of their homes and land while the children of Israel were captives in Babylon. While Jeremiah laments he also holds hope for God to lead them.

In our Mark passage, we find friends carrying a paralytic man to Jesus who immediately forgives and later heals. How can carry others to Jesus so they too can experience forgiveness and healing? How is God assisting you to find healing and hope?


Bible References

  • Lamentations 3:19 - 26
  • Mark 2:1 - 12

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