Christ the King Sunday

November 24, 2019


Christ the King Sunday or The Reign of Christ is the last Sunday of the church year. Advent is the first Sunday of lectionary years wherein we wait for Jesus to be born, celebrate his birth, reflect on his ministry and then follow him to the cross and new life of the resurrection through lent and Easter. After Easter are the Eastertide services when we focus on the ministry of Jesus until Pentecost when the church is born. Throughout the ordinary time into summer and fall, we reflect on many passages of the Bible.

So today as Christ the King Sunday, we honor Jesus as lord over all creation. No matter what is happening in our life or in our world, we are part of the Kingdom of God, the rules and authority of Jesus. Our kingdom is not of this world but it is found in the loving, life-giving resurrection of Jesus.

Service of Scripture & Song

Bible References

  • Luke 24:33 - 43
  • Colossians 1:11 - 20
  • Jeremiah 23:1 - 6

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