Church and Mission

September 15, 2019



This is our third Sunday we are studying church, the meaning and purpose of church. Today we explore mission, the church as people who are sent out, missionaries. The old paradigm for missions was to take Jesus to those who did not know Jesus, kind of like putting Jesus in a suitcase to travel. However, we have learned that Acts shows a more modern approach to missions–noticing what is around and how God is present and joining in God’s work. God’s presence is made manifest in relationships.

We are called to have the wisdom and courage to name God in all we do. Advance the work of reconciliation in the world wherever we find ourself.

You are being called. The goals and plans for our work week is that of being sent. How is God present for you and others?

Bible References

  • Mark 16:15 - 16
  • Acts 17:16 - 28

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