Lent 5 – Deep in the earth: Called to deep growth

March 21, 2021


Like a seed that falls deep into the dark, rich earth, we are called to deep growth, releasing our attachments that prevent us from bearing and offering fruit.

As we continue to transition from our pandemic lives and begin to attempt to think about a new normal, we realize that the system is not quite right. We are invited to enter into a space of discomfort, a liminal space. Know that God is leading us but we also need to face the truth that all is not right and good.

What kind of changes need to happen as we think about a new normal. Will we want to simply rush back to things the way they were. Deep growth is when we embrace that life is about joy and bravery rather than fear and sadness. God is leading us into deep growth.

Bible References

  • Jeremiah 31:31 - 34
  • John 12:20 - 26