Living Thankfully

November 10, 2019



We live thankfully because of what God has done. We are to be thankful but what does thankful living look like?

Romans 6 – Thankful for the redemption God has given. God is with us and God is taking care of us. Be thankful and become like Him.

Everything comes from God. Genesis tells us that God saw all he made and it was very good. God created a good world and gives us good things. Everything that comes from God is good.

I Thess 5 – Be joyful and give thanks for all.

Joy comes from peace because we know God and know God is taking care of us. Even when life doesn’t make sense, we are sure God is with us and we are his children.

So to live thankfully we do the following:

  • Relax – take the time for reflection and relax
  • Recount – think about that which you can be thankful for
  • Respond – take time to respond out of that thankfulness

Bible References

  • Psalm 34:1 - 11
  • Psalm 107:1 - 9

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