Our Deepest Knowing

October 13, 2019


Today we focused on the practice of communion – the invitation from God to join him at the feast of the table. Isaiah has promised that the faithful will sit at the table for the rich feast from God. We practice this invitation by sharing around our communion table.

We learn from the Luke text for today that Jesus introduced a new way of thinking and practicing the Passover when he gathered with his disciples around the table. He shared the bread as a sign of his body broken for us and shared the cup as a sign of the new covenant for the kingdom of God. We are invited to join in communion – to commune with God and with the community, the body of Christ. We remember Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and renew our commitment to the new covenant of life from God.

The Luke passage also gives us insight into Jesus’ commitment of love and servanthood leadership. He talked about betrayal and spoke that one around the table would betray him. He chose to share this special communion meal Judas his betrayer. He loved him even though Judas had misunderstood Jesus. Jesus chooses to love us, even when we misunderstand and lose sight of God for our lives.

The disciples questioned their own role in possibly being the betrayer Jesus spoke of and then began arguing about who is the greatest. Jesus answered their argument with a teaching on servanthood. The best leader is one who serves and cares for all. Can we be such leaders?

We are God’s.

We live in God.

We love God.

We long to love as God.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 25:6 - 9
  • Luke 22:14 - 30

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