The Epiphanies of Two Pauls

February 16, 2020



We explore the change of Paul from someone who hated Jesus believers to one who preached the way of Jesus. His conversion was dramatic. He changed the theology of the world. We know of others who have had their lives changed because of the Holy Spirit. Paul’s epiphany changed our world.

What is our profound awakening? God uses anybody.

  1. We have an epiphany when we finally decide we want to follow Jesus and change.
  2. Sometimes the spirit voice comes to us.
  3. God will love us when we come to the end of our resources.
  4. God will guide our life as we have fellowship with God.
  5. God will use other persons to affirm epiphanies.

Bible References

  • John 3:16 - 21
  • Acts 9:1 - 9

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