Christmas 1 – Time to get a move on!

December 29, 2019


What are we waiting for? All creation sings the praises of our God, who is faithful and just. Let us join our voices and rejoice, proclaiming the glory of our Lord. Proclaiming the coming of Emmanuel.

Advent is over, Christmas as come, and we are now on our 12-day journey from Christmas to Epiphany. We are called to praise and it is a season of praise. But in the midst of this story is the deep, dark fear of the King Herod who wanted to kill the child Jesus and all baby boys who threatened his kingship. Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with Jesus until it was safe for them to return after Herod had died.

As people of faith, we are called to help bridge over from fear to praise in God with us.

Bible References

  • Isaiah 63:7 - 9
  • Matthew 2:13 - 23

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