Turning away from Gluttony to Temperance

August 4, 2019


Today our worship service focused on the disorientation of misplaced hunger–the vice of gluttony and the reoriented virtue of temperance.

Gluttony is a fear of scarcity that there won’t be enough. It is essentially a misplaced hunger and a mistrust of God’s providence. We take or use more than what we need because we fear of not having enough. We give in to our desires for more rather than trusting in the practice of “enough”–what is available is enough. We do not have to have or give in to our desires but we trust that there will be enough.

From Matthew we learn that when we hunger and thirst for righteousness, God will provide and fill us.

Bible References

  • Ecclesiastes 6:7 - 9
  • Philippians 3:17 - 21
  • Isaiah 58:6 - 12
  • Luke 6:19 - 25
  • Matthew 5:6

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