Turning from the vice of Greed to virtue of Generosity

July 21, 2019



Our worship time focused on the ways in which greed disorients our love but as we turn to God, we become oriented toward God’s love as we live as generous people.

Learning about greed – Greed never rests from acquiring more. We think like “this is my home, my barns, my home, all mine.” But all that we have is not ours but belongs to God. When we are greedy we fill our lives with self, not God. Greed makes generosity impossible.

Moving into generosity we learn that God has set an example for us. God has given us everything so in turn we are asked to be generous. Generosity begins by getting our priorities aligned with God. Become blessings to others – that’s the goal of generosity.

Bible References

  • Genesis 13:1 - 13
  • Luke 12:13 - 21
  • 2 Corinthians 8:9
  • Matthew 6:19 - 34

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