Two Brothers

July 7, 2019



In today’s text, we learn the stories of two brothers, Ishmael and Isaac. They are both the sons of Abraham, one through his slave, Hagar, and one through his wife. In our text, we heard how Isaac’s mother sent Ishmael and his mother away into the desert, kicked out of home. God met Hagar and Ishmael in the desert and blessed them too.

Islam stems from Ishmael and his tribe. Isaac and his family was the tribe of God’s people. However God blesses both families and their ancestors.

What kind of lines do we draw keeping people away from God’s love? How might God be calling us to love others who we think need to be “kicked out of our family”? How can we instead welcome them? Christianity is the closest brother to Islam. We have withheld our love towards Islam. We often hold incomplete narratives of others when we cast them aside.

The love of Christ is deeper than we can comprehend. Who is deserving of God’s love—everyone! God is at work in all people.

Bible References

  • Genesis 21:8 - 17

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