Wait for Hope to Appear

October 27, 2019



On Sunday we heard kind of a difficult scripture, crunching on gravel, woe is me, enter the pit. Lamentations is a book of laments from Jeremiah as he weeps over his predicament. But we were reminded that God cares about the terrible things that happen in our life. We all experience those traumatic and terrible times but we are to listen for God to call our name and we wait for hope to appear. In God’s presence we find hope. We were reminded to not try to fit God into our agenda after the fact but to include God at the very beginning. Somehow it seems that hope comes earlier because God’s eye is not only on the sparrow as the song sings and God watches over us.
God is forbearing; God’s loving kindness never ends
God’s compassion never fails
God is our power to hope
Even through the lament…
So lament but wait for the hope to appear for in God’s presence it will appear.

Bible References

  • Lamentations 3:1 - 26

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