What Shall Prevent Me?

May 2, 2021


Today’s story of Philip eagerly baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch challenges us about our openness to welcoming the “other.” The Eunuch, castrated in order to serve, was neither fully male nor fully female and he was not allowed to worship fully inside the temple in Jerusalem. But he was seeking and traveling up to Jerusalem to worship anyway.

On his way back home, Philip met up with him and helped him understand the Isaiah text he was reading and helped him to know about Jesus. As they came to a pool of water, the eunuch asked what prevents me from being baptized? And Philip’s response was nothing and baptized him right there.

We have to think about our stipulations we put on others to be part of our community. We are forced to think about our guidelines that may continue to be punitive rather than welcoming.

What prevents us from welcoming others as they are? Remembering that we are not the ones to do the pruning for being fruitful but our role is to share about God, share good news, and be welcoming.


Bible References

  • John 15:1 - 8
  • Acts 8:26 - 40