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Renee Johns
August 9, 2015

The Psalms – Confession

The Psalms - Confession

August 9

September 6, 2015

Psalms: Justice

Psalms:  Justice

Renee shared in her sermon from Psalm 72 that God’s desired state of affairs is justice. It is not the same as mercy but justice is empowering. In a just world, we would not need mercy. We must believe and work for justice. Believers need to bring about a just world. How do we represent […]

December 6, 2015

Freedom Bound: The Path of Mercy

Freedom Bound: The Path of Mercy

In this second week of Advent, images of God’s mercy wash over us. The most striking image is of light that enters the darkness–dawning on us, illuminating our darkness, and giving us the strength to make the changes we need to be on this freedom way. We light this candle as a reminder to take […]

March 13, 2016

Lent 5 – Living Ink: An Unexpected Twist

Lent 5 - Living Ink:  An Unexpected Twist

The Grand Author works in mysterious ways–ways that we often find to be inexplicably, extravagantly generous. The twists that are thrown into the plot are counterintuitive t our human ways of seeing things. Where one would expect only to find a vast, dry, barren desert, we discover a refreshing, anointing, life-giving stream of hospitality. Can […]

April 10, 2016

Finding our True Selves in Jesus – Accepting Acceptance

What does my personal mask look like? Anger? Calmness? Goodness? Religiosity? Know-it-all? Do-gooder? What am I trying to cover up by putting this mask on? Trusting in Jesus Christ frees us from the law of expectation. It frees us from a need to be cool. Jesus frees us from searching for the right outfit, the […]

July 10, 2016

Jesus Rebukes

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus engages in unpredictable, unexpected behavior. When circumstances would suggest Jesus should go this way, he goes that way. When others would use violence, Jesus rebukes them. Jesus instructs the disciples and us to not return violence with violence. How do we handle our fear today? How do we respond to those […]

October 23, 2016

Imagination as a Way of Knowing Jesus

Renee invited us to use our imagination in knowing God. Imagine the kingdom into being. Embrace the Holy Spirit. Imagine

November 27, 2016

Advent 1 – God’s peace is at hand.

Waiting for Jesus invites us to live in a state of readiness. We are called to live justly and act with mercy, to walk humbly. The Isaiah passage speaks of turning our swords into plowshares. What is the sword I use? What is my shield? Allow God to transform our swords into plowshares that prepare […]

February 5, 2017

To Be Enough

Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well and offered her living water that changed her life. She had lived with not being a good enough wife (she had had 6 husbands) with a good enough faith to be with other women. The living water from Jesus was just enough and she realized she was […]

May 7, 2017

God’s Welcoming Table

God invites us to give up own power share around the welcoming table God has prepared for us. It might even shake us up to expand our boundaries. We are called: see other persons as made in the image of God tell our own story of God’s action attempt to discern the breadth and depth […]

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